Presidency and Area Seventy

  • The Best Christmas Gift

    By Elder Candido Fortuna, May we become instruments in the hands of the Lord so that many of our brothers may have this knowledge and opportunity to be reconciled with God.

  • Jesus Christ’s Love and the Blessings of Tithing and Offerings

    Elder Hugo E. Martínez​; Blessings from paying tithing and offerings are many and are received both now as well as in the future, both individually and as families.

  • Believe and Act To Receive the Promises

    Elder Walter F. Gonzalez; Attending the annual tithing settlement is an opportunity to meet with our bishop and show that we believe in the promises of our covenants and that we act in accordance with what we have promised our God. 

  1. Prayer

    Elder Claudio D. Zivic, We have the privilege of communicating with Heavenly Father through prayer. The act of prayer should take place with deep respect and reverence and in the proper manner.

  2. The Book of Mormon: A Guide to the Promised Land

    By Elder Claude Gamiette; The journey towards the Promise Land is not an easy, smooth ride but can be rough and bumpy. 

  3. Working More Effectively with the Missionaries to Teach Repentance and Baptize Converts

    Elder Huberman Bien-Aimé; Every time we bring our friends to Church we give Heaven an opportunity to rejoice!

  4. Serving Others

    By Elder Candido Fortuna; As we serve with sincere love and selflessness, we ourselves and our families are the ones who are most blessed

  5. In order that my joy be your joy

    By Elder Julio Acosta; Sharing the gospel is more than just sharing our beliefs. It involves sharing this joy and happiness that comes from living the teachings of Jesus Christ and having accepted His invitation to follow Him

  6. “As for Me and My House, We Will Serve the Lord”—Learning to Truly Put God First in Our Lives

    By Elder J. Devn Cornish,  I testify that as we put God first in our lives on the Sabbath, we will better be able to put Him and his purposes first on the other days.  If we learn to seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, truly “all [other needful] things shall be added unto you” (Matthew 6:33). 

  7. The Church of Jesus Christ Is Once Again upon the Earth

    By Elder Claudio D. Zivic,  Special experience in the Santiago de Compostela Cathedral.

    An overpowering emotion seized us all as we listened, in a Catholic Cathedral of that magnitude, and with the significance it has for the people of that faith, to the hymns that declare that the truth is once again upon the Earth...

  8. Becoming Self-Reliant

    By Elder Jorge Domínguez; If we seek for self-reliance with real intent, doing everything that is required and putting away laziness and idleness, the blessings from our faithful effort will come. 

  9. Mighty Even Unto the Power of Deliverance

    By Elder Claude Gamiette, Here is the invitation to recognize the need that we have of His help, and then to come unto Him to ask, with a humble heart so that we can receive His tender mercies.

  10. We Invite and We Help

    By Elder Hugo Martinez; I know that we will have success in being diligent member-missionaries if we invite others and help them receive the restored gospel. We will do it out of love for Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and out of gratitude.

  11. The Blessings of the Fast

    Elder J. Devn Cornish; I would like to share with you 3 blessings that each of us may receive by faithfully keeping the Law of the Fast.

  12. And It came to pass that we lived after the manner of happines

    Elder Claudio D. Zivic:  When I read  2 Nephi, chapter 5, verse 27, the following question came to my mind. Why did the people of Nephi live after the manner of happiness? I decided to carefully review chapter five, and I found clear reasons why they were happy.

  13. The New and Everlasting Covenant of Marriage.

    Elder Claude Gamiette,  A man and a woman who are faithful are then laying the foundation for their posterity to grow in the truth of the Gospel, guiding them on the covenant path.

  14. The Path Towards Eternal Life

    By Elder Julio Cesar Acosta, The decision to follow Christ should be a lifelong decision.  Once we have felt the desire to live according to His teachings, to follow His example, to take upon ourselves His name and to seek to become His true disciples, we have entered into the path that leads to eternal life.

  15. Book of Life

    Elder Claudio Daniel Zivic; The pages of the book of life are written as we go through life day by day. There are no revisions.

  16. Care for the Poor and the Needy as true Disciples of Christ

    Elder Claude R. Gamiette, Only by a constant attitude of seeking out the poor and needy will we be able to identify them and see opportunities to minister unto them. 

  17. Seek the Lord

    Elder Jorge S. Dominguez;  Let us seek Him. Let us go to Him. Let us leave behind all that which keeps us from seeking Him with all our heart, might, mind, and strength.

  18. Remember

    Elder Hugo E. Martinez, What is it that we remember? We remember the path that we have taken in our lives and the lessons received in many ways. We remember the commandments and ordinances of salvation that we have received...

  19. The Gospel is Simple

    Elder J. Devn Cornish; Our first and foremost responsibility in this life is the salvation of ourselves and our family.

  20. The House of the Lord (Second part)

    Elder Claudio Daniel Zivic, This instruction is final, there is no other option; if we do not receive those ordinances, we will not be able to receive the greatest things that the Lord has in store for us.

  21. Concerted effort to increase impact of seminary and institute in the youth and YSAs lives.

    Elder Claude R. Gamiette, The responsibility of teaching our children falls upon all parents in Zion.  In D & C 68:28, The Lord says, “And they shall also teach their children to pray, and to walk uprightly before the Lord.” 

  22. Faith in God and Love for Our Fellowmen

    Elder Jorge S. Dominguez, The best way to show our love for God is to live our religion.  It is in vain to profess that we love God and that we have faith in Him when our actions show something different.       

  23. “Fear Not . . . He Is Not Here For He Is Risen”

    Elder Wilford W. Andersen, During this month of April we celebrate the Easter season and reflect with reverence and gratitude on the atonement of Jesus Christ, which atonement includes the resurrection and confirms His triumph over the grave.

  24. This Is Our Time!

    By Elder J. Devn Cornish, We pray that each of us will respond to the choice blessings the gospel has brought into our lives by helping all of those around us to receive the same joy and thus fulfill the purposes for which we were sent to earth in this, our day.

  25. The House Of The Lord (First part)

    Elder Claudio Daniel Zivic, As we all held each other’s hands, we were sealed for time and for all eternity, and we saw our reflection in the mirrors as an eternal family. What a wonderful experience!

  26. Have ye any that are sick among you?

    Elder Claude R. Gamiette, The ability to suffer with those who suffer, and to be motivated to help and save them, appears to be one of the great attributes of the Savior.

  27. Christ-like Attributes that Emerge at Christmas Time

    Elder Jorge S. Dominguez, Developing the attributes of our Savior is what will help us to keep in our minds and our hearts both the temporal and spiritual needs of our brothers and sisters.

  28. Fasting and Fast Offerings – An Invitation and a Commandment

    Elder Wilford W. Andersen, From the beginning of the world true believers have practiced fasting as part of their worship of God.

  29. The effect of inspired programs for youth

    ELDER JORGE S. DOMÍNGUEZ,  In Doctrine and Covenants 18:10 we are taught that the worth of souls is great in the sight of God.  From this scripture we can learn to love, serve and minister to others, thereby helping them return with joy to Heavenly Father.

  30. The Power of Prayer

    Elder Claudio D. Zivic, That success in this life, as the Lord sees it, is based on the loving answers we receive from our Heavenly Father as we ask for the righteous desires of our hearts.

  31. Loyalty to the First Presidency

    ELDER J. DEVN CORNISH, One of the glorious evidences of the restoration of truth from heaven in these latter days is the presence in Christ's church of true and living apostles and prophets.

  32. Easter and Eternal Families

    Elder Hugo E. Martínez, It is my desire that our gifts to Jesus Christ for Easter and always may be a life that is pleasing to Him, of broken hearts and contrite spirits, as well as love for Him and all of humankind.

  33. Avoiding personal apostasy

    ELDER CLAUDIO DANIEL ZIVIC, We can avoid the mists of darkness that lead to personal apostasy by repenting of our sins, overcoming offense, eliminating faultfinding, and following our Church leaders.

  34. Sustain, Sustain, Sustain

    Elder WIilford W. Andersen, Be it the Bishop, the Primary President or the President of the Deacons Quorum, it is the mantle that qualifies one for the Lord’s work.