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The story of a committed husband and father who consistently and passionately demonstrates his love and devotion to his wife and kids.
Brother Félix Emilio Aquino, despite his physical limitations, gets up early each Sunday to attend the Church and renew his baptismal covenants.
Rajane Samuels, With the help of Heavenly Father, the Holy Ghost, my ancestors, and family members, I had reached my target. I had sixteen worthy and willing temple ready ancestors!
By Mackenson Noël, Haiti Self-Reliance Manager
By Francis Plancher; I feel strongly that the Lord has something greater for me, and my goal is to continue my preparation so that I can serve Him whenever or wherever He wants.
By Elder Claude Gamiette
Eleven members from Port-of-Spain Trinidad Stake visited the temple in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic and shared their experiences.
By Elder Claudio Daniel Zivic; We need faith in our Lord Jesus Christ in order to run the second mile, which He often asks us to do, and in order to make correct decisions, even though they might not favor us, but benefit others.
Elder Andersen invited all to make the commitment of building the temple in their hearts and to visit the site and follow up on the construction. He concluded by saying: “when you have it, in three years, you will say: I am prepared, I am stronger and ready to preach”.
The Gospel has certainly transformed the lives of the Tate’s, and they are making use of the programs and opportunities available through the Gospel.
La Presidencia del Área Caribe está compuesta por tres Setentas Autoridades Generales. Además de ellos también sirven en el Área cuatro Setentas de Área.