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This plan was prepared by the Area Welfare Department.
At this wonderful time of great opportunities and technological advances, our children need to have a secure anchor where they can learn how to receive revelation, come to know the Savior through guided scripture study, and act righteously when faced with opportunities to show their faith and courage.
The First Presidency has announced the Port-au-Prince Haiti Temple groundbreaking will be on Saturday, October 28, 2017.
The story of a committed husband and father who consistently and passionately demonstrates his love and devotion to his wife and kids.
Brother Félix Emilio Aquino, despite his physical limitations, gets up early each Sunday to attend the Church and renew his baptismal covenants.
Rajane Samuels, With the help of Heavenly Father, the Holy Ghost, my ancestors, and family members, I had reached my target. I had sixteen worthy and willing temple ready ancestors!
By Mackenson Noël, Haiti Self-Reliance Manager